Superior Pest Control


Inducted 2006


The team started in 1988 as Norfolk Olympia.  Beginning in 1991, Superior Pest Control sponsored the team for eight years.  The latter sponsor gave the team finances to travel and play in National tournaments.  They played in five Metro tournaments, five Regional tournaments and five National tournaments.  They were Virginia Beach Champions five years.  Superior played in approximately one-hundred tournaments winning many.  The Team Manager was Lou Parsons who was inducted in the Tidewater Virginia Softball Hall of Fame in 1991.

Team Members


Kim Bowman

Trish Collins

Carolyn Cotterell

Marjorie Dyke

Debbie Ewell

Beanie Felch

Pam Fisher

Jeanne Flagg

Margaret Jahn

Lisa Krisik


Joanetta Lowery

Marcia Manning

Wendy McCullen

Anita Miller

Suzy Mizelle

Teresa Ringer

Chris Schaff

Gina Sivells

Brenda Strausbaugh Gargiulo

Dawn Szilagyi

Kim Theriault

Karen Tonnesen